Alternative To Dagger Static Injection Using Component Getter

April 13, 2018
Dagger inject into global/singleton object

Dagger 2 does not support static injection.

The following code is based on sample in Setup Dagger 2 For Android Kotlin.

Setup the provider code for the object.

internal class AppModule {
    fun provideMoshi(): Moshi {
        return Moshi.Builder()

Create getter for object in Component class.

interface AppComponent {

    fun getMoshi(): Moshi

You can retrieve the dagger component and access the object through the getter.

    val component = DaggerAppComponent.builder().build()
    val moshi = component.getMoshi()

You might want to store the compoment in singleton class for easy access.

object App {
  lateinit var daggerAppComponent: AppComponent
App.daggerAppComponent = DaggerAppComponent.builder().build()


val moshi = App.daggerAppComponent.getMoshi()
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