How To Install Latest Version Of Certbot

The standard way of installing certbot might not have the latest version.

# standard certbox installation on lubuntusudo add-apt-repository ppa:certbot/certbotsudo apt-get updatesudo apt-get install certbot

I run the above command on Ubuntu 14.04 on 02 Aug 2017 and receive version 0.14.2 (26 May 2017), while latest version is 0.16.0 (06 Jul 2017).


Certbot-auto is a script which install Certbot, automatically obtaining depedencies and install in a python virtual environment. It updates to the latest client release automatically, and accept the same parameter as Certbot.

Install Certbot-auto at a suitable location

wget a+x ./certbot-auto./certbot-auto --help

Check Certbot-auto version. You will notice Certbot-auto and Certbot might have a different version. To use the latest version of Certbot, always use Certbot-auto.

./certbot-auto --version# Output: certbot 0.16.0certbox --version# Output: certbot 0.14.2

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