Google Cloud Functions vs Cloud Functions for Firebase

April 26, 2019
and Cloud Functions for Firebase client SDK

Google Cloud Functions

  • This is the primary serverless product on Google Cloud Platform
  • Currently support Node.js, Python and Go Runtime
  • Support event by Cloud Pub/Sub, Cloud Storage, Stackdriver logging, Firebase, Direct HTTP, etc.

Cloud Functions for Firebase

  • This is like a wrapper around Google Cloud Functions, with more seamless support/intergration with Firebase
  • All Cloud Functions listed in Google Cloud Platform Console shall appear in Firebase Console as well
  • Support event by Firestore, Realtime Database, Remote Config, Firebase Authentication, Google Analytics for Firebase, Crashlytics, Cloud Storage, Cloud Pub/Sub, HTTP, etc.
  • Seems to support JavaScript and TypeScript only.

Cloud Functions for Firebase client SDK

  • Let you call functions directly from a Firebase app (so you don’t have to write http call/retrofit code)
  • Supported client: iOS, Web, Android, C++, Unity
  • Officially, you should call Cloud Functions for Firebase. But, you can make Google Cloud Functions compatible for Firebase.


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