Cloud Storage Write Streaming Data (Upload Data by Chunks)

Solution 1: gcsfs

gcsfs is a 3rd party library (not by Google)

import gcsfsfs = gcsfs.GCSFileSystem(token='keys/travelopyz-appengine.json')BUCKET_NAME = '...'filename = f"{BUCKET_NAME}/DIRECTORY_NAME/test_file.txt"# with gcsfs.core.GCSFile(fs, f'', 'wb', acl='publicread', consistency='none', block_size=5242880) as f:with, 'wb', acl='publicread') as f:    f.write('Item 1'.encode())    f.write('Item 2'.encode())

NOTE: acl - publicread doesn't seems to work, checking the source code would note that the acl args is not used. I tried using GCSFile and acl doesn't seems to work as well.

Solution 2: google-resumable-media

I have yet to try this, but following are some relevant resources.

Solution 3: google-cloud-storage

There is a request issue raised.

The source code has some hint/potential for resumable multipart upload.

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