Things To Knows Before Hosting Static Website On Google Cloud Storage

Pros and cons

No SSL support for custom domain

Though you can serve your content through direct URI like, Google Cloud Storage only support HTTP (due to CNAME redirect). To serve your content through custom domian using SSL, you could explore the following options.

  • Use Google Load Balancer (minimum of $0.025 per hour, $18 a month; $0.008 per GB of data processed)
  • Use 3rd Party Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • CloudFlare (you need to change your domain name servers to Cloudflare)
  • Use Fire Base Hosting (Free plan available with 5GB storage)



Storage ClassDescriptionPrice (per FB per month)
Multi-Regional Storage- Frequently access "hot" content
- Geo-redundant
Regional Storage- Cheaper version of Multi-Regional Storage$0.02
Nearline Storage- Access once per month$0.01
Coldline Storage- Access once per year$0.007

Pricing may varies according to region.

Also, it's also worth pondering if using cheaper storage like Nearline is feasible if pair with CDN like Cloudflare.


How to host static website on Google Cloud Storage

Refer to Hosting a Static Website

Alternatives for static website hosting

  • Amazon S3 with CloudFront (CDN)
  • Firebase hosting
  • Setup your own server on AWS, Digital Ocean or Linode
  • Github Pages
  • Google App Engine
  •, netlify, etc.

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