Google Sheets API: Range Parameter (A1 Notation)

April 7, 2019
Range Description
Sheet1!A1 First cell on Row 1 Col 1
Sheet1!A1:C1 Col 1-3 (A, B, C) on Row 1 = A1, B1, C1
A1 Ffirst visible sheet (if sheet name is ommitted)
'My Sheet'!A1 If sheet name which contain space or start with a bracket. To be safe, always use this format.
Sheet1 All cells in Sheet1.
Sheet1!A:A All cells on Col 1.
Sheet1!A:B All cells on Col 1 and 2.
Sheet1!1:1 All cells on Row 1.
Sheet1!1:2 All cells on Row 1 and 2.


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