Lubuntu 20.04 LXQT Desktop Crash and Not Reponsing on VirtualBox

I have been using Lubuntu 20.04 in VirtualBox for about 2 months now, and I noticed a few problems

  • Ocassional mouse click is not working on certain part of the screen (problem resolved by logout/restart the Window Manager)
  • Ocassional the Window Manager crashed and restarted, so I lost all the opened windows
  • Tyring to set Chrome as default browser always fail (default stick to Firefox)

Ocassionally the mouse click is not responsing with the Window Manager / Desktop (sometimes certain portion of the screen, sometimes the entire screen). This could be solve by restarting the windows manager (sudo service sddm restart) or perform a logout.

If you cannot access the terminal by mouse, try Ctrl-Alt-T to launch a terminal. You can also press Host + Del or Input -> Keyboard -> Insert Ctrl+Alt-Del to bring up the shutdown options and select via keyboard (select via Tab key and press Enter).

Or you can try to install a new desktop such as Mate.

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