Nuxt Don't Embed CSS in Html (Extract CSS)

Oct 5, 2020

Nuxt by default would embed quite a lot of CSS (I am not sure partial or all) into the generated HTML, thus increasing the HTML size.

For static pages, I assume it would be more efficient to store CSS in a single file which are shared by all pages.

You can do that via extractCSS.

Edit nuxt.config.js.

export default {  build: {    extractCSS: true,  },}

Using extract-css-chunks-webpack-plugin under the hood, all your CSS will be extracted into separate files, usually one per component. This allows caching your CSS and JavaScript separately and is worth a try in case you have a lot of global or shared CSS.

NOTE: You might want to check your Pagespeed (Mobile) or Lighthouse score, as sometimes those test prefer everything to be embeded rather than occuring multiple fetch.

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