Python SendGrid Bcc

May 28, 2019
import loggingfrom sendgrid import SendGridAPIClientfrom sendgrid.helpers.mail import Mail, Emailfrom python_http_client.exceptions import HTTPErrorlog = logging.getLogger(__name__)SENDGRID_API_KEY = 'SG.xx-mm...'message = Mail(    to_emails="[email protected]",    from_email=Email('[email protected]', "Desmond Lua"),    subject=f"Welcome",    html_content="<p>Hello World!</p>"    )message.add_bcc("[email protected]")try:    #    # request_body = message.get()    # response =    response = sg.send(message)"email.status_code={response.status_code}")except HTTPError as e:    log.error(e)

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