Sublime Text Show Hidden File And Directory

Sep 29, 2018

Global Settings

Click on Preferences -> Settings. By default, all hidden directory/file (starts with .) are hidden in Sublime Text project directory structure.

{  "file_exclude_patterns":  [    ".*",  ],  "folder_exclude_patterns":  [    ".*",    "node_modules"  ],}

If you want to selectively hide certain file/directory only.

{  "file_exclude_patterns":  [    "*.pyc",    ".gitignore",    ".browserslistrc",    ".postcssrc.js"  ],  "folder_exclude_patterns":  [    ".git",    "node_modules"  ],}

Project Folder Settings

You can also edit such configuation at Project -> Edit Project for specific folder.

{  "folders":  [    {      "name": "luasoftware_vuepress",      "path": "/code/vuepress/luasoftware",      "file_exclude_patterns": [        "package-lock.json"      ],      "folder_exclude_patterns": [      ],    },  ]}

NOTE: this configuration inherit from the global sublime settings (Preferences -> Settings). If you put ".*" in global exclude patterns, you cannot selective make some hidden folders visible in project folder settings.

You might be interested to look into ToggleExclude.

Project Settings

You can also edit configuation at Project -> Edit Project for entire project.

{  "folders":  [    ...  ]  "settings":  {    "file_exclude_patterns": [      "package-lock.json"    ],    "folder_exclude_patterns": [    ],  },}


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